We develop, implement and manage specially tailored solutions ranging from the efficient use of standard products to the programming of complex individual programs. The range of services we offer includes:


Network and system solutions

Networks support the daily workflow, guarantee that data is secure against loss or misuse and improve both business processes and internal communication. Links between main offices and branches are improved by networks, as are those with customers, suppliers and business partners.

Only secure networks that are precisely tailored to the business processes and requirements can guarantee security and reliability.

When implementing entire network and system solutions, INCO brings with it both many years of experience and knowledge of the latest technologies and also offers integration of virtual private networks (VPNs).

We generally develop solutions for our customers independently, but if required of course we also implement existing requirements (e.g. where corporate guidelines have to be applied at individual branch level).

This includes in particular systems based on the Linux server operating system, Microsoft Windows 2003 servers or Microsoft Exchange servers.

Hardware environment

A company-specific UT system also includes hardware tailored to the specific business processes and operating procedures. We combine the most suitable individual hardware items to create functioning total systems, and coordinate them with the components that are already in place. We work together with reliable suppliers and if desired will take over maintenance once the system has been implemented.

Due to our experience we are also able to offer customers directly a range of hardware products which either have proved themselves in everyday use, or are new on the market, have been tested by us and meet our high quality requirements.

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Voice over IP (VoIP)

By Voice over IP (or VoIP for short) we mean telephony over computer networks by means of Internet Protocol (IP). The advantages of VoIP lie primarily in the enormous cost savings – for example, no more costs are incurred for phone calls between a company’s individual branch offices, even if a branch office is located in another country.

We set up the necessary system environment for VoIP: Our range of services extends from choosing the most appropriate terminals in respect of the broadband capacity and network capabilities, right through to implementing special solutions for local or branch offices.

Data synchronisation

„Mobile offices“, such as handhelds and iPAQs, support everyday business flexibility in managing appointments, emails, phone calls and documents. We implement solutions for synchronising data between pocket PCs and office applications such as Outlook and databases, so that up-to-date address details, product information or customer data are available anywhere and at any time.